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Our News

An ongoing series of informational entries

Dear Business Owner

January 24, 2019

All of the residents of Glenville appreciate you conducting your business in our community, and we are hoping that our relationship can grow beyond the buyer/seller paradigm. It is our hope that you not only enjoy monetary profit from the residents of Glenville, but that you will also see them as residents of a community striving to re-establish “Heritage,” within their community, and that you would support them in their efforts by offering quality goods and services at a fair price; hire from the population that patronize your business, and provide a safe, cheerful, and friendly environment in which they can transact business.

As this transformational season move forward, you will be given an opportunity to participate in events and projects that will serve to enrich, en-hance, and upgrade the Glenville community. Such activities will serve to bring about a more social/economically stable community. As a stake holder, I do hope you will participate. 

Dear Parents and Guardians

January 24, 2019

WE have not arrived at this condition that we are in, over night, and we will not come out of it overnight. However, I am convinced that WE, as a Community can, and must believe that if we are to ever: “Take Back Our Streets,” WE must take “ownership” of them.

Our Children are depending on us to provide a healthy, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical environment for them to grow up in. And, as a

parent, I am sure that you agree that they do deserve to live in such an environment. To be sure, there are those who do not have our children’s best interest at heart. Such people view them as being nothing more than statistics. And they have “organized systems” in place to insure that “Prisons and Cemeteries” be the dwelling places for many of them. We must push back against such a devilish attitude.

Going forward, there will be ample opportunities for all of us to be involved in various ways in our (places of worship, schools, businesses, public community activities) which will allow us to get to know each other better, which will enable us to become “connected,” and be more willing to look out for one another, like we use to do, back in “the day.” 

Sowing Seeds of Life

January 24, 2019

Members of A.N.E.B.A (A Neighborhood Betterment Agency participating in planting plants in city lot provided by the City of Cleveland. The transformation has already begun in Glenville. ANEBA Youth have been active throughout the Glenville community: during the summer months they go out into the community, picking up trash found on tree lawns, sidewalks, strip malls. They go out to Senior Citizen’s homes and clean up the trash around their homes. On their tee shirts, their slogan reads; “Loving Where I Live.” These youth represent the reason why all of us should take responsibility for standing up for them, and most of all standing up with them.

If there is anything we should learn from our history, and the events of today, it is that, when all is said and done, we must stop looking to others to do for us, what we can, and should do for ourselves. First of all, there really isn’t anyone, or any others, who has ever had any intent to do anything for us. And why should they, when you take in consideration that we have the capacity to fix the “Broken Windows” that are all around us, ourselves. It really is just a matter of changing the way that we think, and not so much about what we think of others, but rather what we think about ourselves.

As a people, we have been in The Fiery Furnace, The Lion’s Den, Betrayed, and Sold Into Slavery, all at the same time, and still we “Rise.” Have you ever asked yourself, not How it was done, but “Why!” Is it possible that we have Destiny?

I am convinced that we are, and just in case you do not, I humbly ask you to take the time and give it some thought. When you get through thinking about it, take your place on the front line as we demonstrate to “ourselves” that we really are “more than conquerors.”

Let us begin to speak life, and begin to sing a new song to the degree that the “Neighbor” will return to the “Hood,” so eventually we will be a “Community” again. And that is exactly what we should strive to be, because:

A Neighborhood is where people mostly “Sleep,” A Community is where people “Live,” Life thrives in a Community: grass & trees grow; birds sing; children play; joy and laughter breaks the silence of the night, (not gun shots & police sirens), and hard working retirees enjoy their precious plot of land they call home, and the street and sidewalks are not used as a garbage dump. In other words, a Community is where “Wealth & Heritage” can be found.

There are brighter days ahead of us, but only if we put our hands to the plow “this day.” As I said earlier, there is work to be done, and it is going to take having a made up mind to run on to see what the end is going to be. And while we are running, we must not put our trust in “ANY” man, but rather put our trust in God. After all, it has been God who has kept and brought us this far. 

An Open Letter

January 24, 2019

Dear Parents, Pastors, Other Spiritual Leaders, Teachers, Business Owners, Residents, and of course our most precious, and valuable assets of our community …………”Our Children.”

The purpose of this community letter is to introduce to you a Community Outreach Initiative of The True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, located at 711 E. 105th St. True Vine has been in the Glenville Community since 1959.

Over the years, the residents of Glenville have witness various events, (some negative, some positive) which has impacted the lives of the residence of Glenville.

For the past several years a fresh wind of change has been blowing throughout Glenville: infrastructure construction, (new sewer system), new home construction, planned re-opening of East Side Market, re-vitalization of 105th St., Boys & Girls Club (located in FDR elementary school), and several other activities that reveals a clear picture that Glenville is “Movin On Up!”

As a former resident, and now Pastor at True Vine MBC, I invite you to join in, as we move forth in “Making Glenville Great Again!” The Community NEEDS you!” We need your Ideas, Support, and Participation, as we strive to Re-claim, Revive, Renew, and Restore the “Heritage Of Glenville.

I have heard it said: “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step!” It is my hope and prayer that “We Take That Step Together!” We can do this!